My art work as posters x Anouk Studio


Sunny side up / Acrylic on canvas / 38 cm x 38 cm / 2016

I’m excited about my collaboration with Anouk Studio! Because I’m a painter I usually say no to this kind of suggestions of producing copies of my art, but this is something different. Anouk Studio makes high quality prints from artists’ works and releases only four collections a year. Every piece is available in limited numbers, and only a few artists are featured per season. I also like their values of using 100% recycled paper and using frames made of Finnish pinewood.

So I said yes, and I’m happy to point you to the webshop and introduce my first ever set of art posters:

And I need to say that my dream of having my very own webshop for cards, posters and so on has been on my mind a lot and I actually HAVE some cards waiting to be published, but it was a long journey to get there without much skills of actual graphic designing. So I’m happy that the only thing I needed to do to get these art works ready for your walls was to paint!

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