Glasshouse Helsinki Gallery: Sielunmaisema / The landscape of the soul

“Näyttely koostuu 15 taiteilijan sielunmaisemista ja mielikuvista.

Teokset ovat toteutettu eri tekniikoilla ja materiaaleilla. Esillä on laaja kirjo maalauksia, valokuvia, tekstiili- ja keramiikkateoksia ja videoteos.

The landscape of the soul exhibition is comprised by work created by 15 different artists. Through paintings, photographs, video, ceramic and textile art they express their inner imagination, dreams and memories. “

Glasshouse Helsinki Gallery

Aleksanterinkatu 13, 00100 Helsinki

CLOUDS ART MARKET exhibition in Tokyo!

CLOUDS is an Art Space + Coffee Shop in the heart of Koenji, Tokyo.
Located just a few minutes from Koenji station. Since we opened our doors in September 2017 we have curated and organised diverse art exhibitions in a dynamic program of shows and events of one, two and three weeks rotation. Our gallery space welcomes every expression of creativity. We offer artists the possibility to show themselves in a free way, despite the nature of their work. 

We are committed to bring together two worlds in one space, where visitors can enjoy high quality coffee and fine art from local and international artist. Emerging and stablished. Our aim is to provide a meeting place for all those who love art and coffee. “

So happy to have a few of my paintings to show on Clouds Art Market soon! The exhibition days are 23th of April to 12th of May and the address is: 25-4, Koenjikita 2-Chome Suginami, Tokyo.